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I have a dream
fuk that I have a hundred dreams. Where of a few have come out. It was a dream of mine to smoke weed, blog about it and buy new weed from it. And I succeeded. I wanted to have 1000 followers and that has now also been achieved. that's been back for a while I had 1000 and then another one went away so I was under 1000 again lol good. Another dream was to mean something in the cannabis world. And that too is beginning to come. Although I could not have reached this without this great forum. And the great growers and enthusiasts. Another dream of mine is legalization all over the world. And it is also allowed to breed freely in the Netherlands, which is not yet so far. But I have a plan to offer illegal home cultivation a place where it is allowed to grow under good conditions. And that the criminal stigma may disappear among cannabis users. But that last dream is not easy. I have a lot of reasons why it would be an advantage for the city. But unfortunately legislation and tough civil servants stand in the way😥🤔but i keep hope thank god and just give it a shot. But I find it difficult to put what I want on paper. so I practice here a bit what I would like and then I have to tackle it.💪🤗
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I have now put this tent on 12/12 hours. so in bloom. at full power 750 watts And I am not sure whether I will top the main top with the pbb and crystal candy. but I think so. But I'm not a star yet that super cropping. And Automatics are they suitable for it, I wonder.

This is a food that I add to my plant. Because the soil consists mainly of nutrient-poor coco mat soil, I did add some worm manure and bath mix. There too I am still looking for the right proportions. am not dissatisfied

when i'm very stoned i sometimes talk to emojis i call it heroglyph myself. But when I do that I don't want to be short, but I also have a language barrier and am just sometimes lazy

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If I show my tent every 2 days, there is not much to see and that is why I try to make a real update once a week, which is on the weekend. I'm going to go to bed.
I just want to say to the big whales thanks for the votes keep doing that because that's how I finally get friends interested in blockchain so thanks again to everyone.
I will be here to help hive and weedcash promoted

dramatic photo of me. Yes, just silliness
people until the next blog
peace to you