a nasty surprise

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I was a victim of vandalism last night. And the culprit doesn't care. I had 2 testers of the big mack and 1 of them was destroyed by my cat. The bastard, normally I have cat grass. But there was none. so I can't really blame him. But very unfortunate.


I put the plant back in the soil in the hope that it will produce roots, but I fear it will not make it
my plan now is to germinate a silver mack and then start all over again

in the meantime this is nice and in bloom so I still have some time. before I can put new plants in my tent.


My cats have killed several plants 😡😡🤬

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they are little psycho killers. without conscience but I do like those hairy balls

Cats are little jerks sometimes... Hopefully we'll get a good surprise and see them growing.

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I don't blame him if I were a cat I would also choose that plant haha

Lol! Damn cats