wedding cake 🙌

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If you are going to ask around here what do you think is the best weed. You will hear a few varieties. But one that keeps coming back is the wedding cake. And today it was in the coffee shop. Pricey and they hadn't smoked themselves. So she couldn't tell if it was any good. But because I had heard nothing but posetive noises here. So I decided to buy it. And yes, the weed tastes delicious. super soft and sweet. And it fits nicely in my top 5 of best weeds.
price was 50 euro 3,5 grams

D5zH9SyxCKd9GJ4T6rkBdeqZw1coQAaQyCUzUF4FozBvW6wdubrjGT62CGNz1rprzGxutFngb6eWmDoyb587RHLpJmnBNWu1As6ZXKUtJvALEWHAJgeeKqPb28L32ZpXtx5VRQ - kopie (2).png


image (2).png

a joint and a half further. Now I come to my verdict on this weed. The taste is very good and also really sweet. Yes, I would like to grow this weed myself one day. Because I think the price is too expensive. But otherwise I'm very positive about this top weed. but that may also be because of the weed.😁
Have a great week everyone and see you next blog.


nice frosty buds bro!
and nice post, need to train my posting skills

Yes bro make decent content
Thx for dropping by

Nice one, Looks and sounds fire. Price for quality sucks but worth paying at times

definitely worth testing. But I think I'll get it again soon next week lol

Another one to add to the list of those I have not tried and would like to try. It looks very good. Enjoy it

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Yes, this one was on my list for a while, I can now finally cross it out. she is really nice

Pure niceness...

PIZZA coming soon ☺️

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Yeah Weeding Cake is one of my top 5 too!

You made me curious. lol And after a year it crosses my path. As if it was meant to be