Cannabis Strain Review - Northern Lights

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Northern Lights


I want to start of by saying that I have tried this strain a few times recently. I have a friend who gave me a sample of his Northern Lights that he had grown. Tonight I dedicated it to only being Northern Lights with the intentions of writing a review.

Northern Lights.jpg

Photo By Me - Iphone 11

I only had enough left for a single oven in my Pax 2. I tried to get a better photo, closer with more detail. You can see that it is a nice lighter shade of green and has orange hairs. It's well frosted with Trichomes. It has a sweet smell, which again reminds me of an Indica. Now I'm not claiming, and neither do I actually know, but my experience has always been the sweeter it smells, the more Indica it is, and the more sour it smells, the more Sativa leaning it is. If any one knows, please tell me. Haha.

Northern lights ground up.jpg

Photo By Me - Iphone 11

I ground it up in my Dallas Cowboys grinder and packed myself an oven. I tried to pay attention to the flavor and to me it was a sweet flavor w/ a very light sage taste. It was pretty smooth on my lungs, as well.

I started with two draws on the Pax 2. I waited a couple of minutes to gauge whether I wanted another draw or not, then decided to take another. By the way, this whole time I'm smoking with a sheriff 15 feet away. That was a weird experience for me. Anyway, I ended up taking another "half draw" and came back inside.

I do need to mention that, although I've tried this a couple of times and it never hit me, the term that came to mind after about 10 minutes, was "sneak bud". I'm surprised I never noticed before. When I took that third draw, I wasn't feeling that high. I continued to have the thought over the next 30 minutes as I realized I was higher than before. Haha.

Finally, the high is what would be expected of an Indica. It is a relaxing mellow high. For myself, I noticed that I have deeper thoughts while using this Strain. One thing I have noticed every time I've tried this strain is that I do tend to get a little bit of paranoia. Nothing too crazy, but noticeable. I also noticed that I sleep best with this Strain. So it is a great insomnia medication. It brings on a relaxation that seems to make you a bit tired.

All in all this is a great strain and I enjoy it. It's a fan favorite of my friend and his wife as well. My recommendation would be to at least try this Strain. You wont be disappointed.

Thanks again for stopping by!


The paranoia will start to become less and less the more comfortable you are with your cannabis. You may also have had a bit too much if you were feeling any paranoia with this one. Northern lights is probably one of my top strains for sleeping.

Yea it wasn't a crazy paranoia. More minor than anything and I think I notice when it comes to eating high. lol. Hard story to describe haha.

It shines beautifully ;))

Beautiful bud! It is so crazy after all my years of smoking, Northern lights is still one I have yet to try.

O mean you got to grow it. This is my favorite strain. For effect but a great easy strain to grow.

Its a great strain. I didnt grow it haha.

Its not around much nowadays. You can find ancestors, but NL has been a legendary sativa for ages before I ever got in the game. There are hundreds of strains claiming NL as as ancestor, But it seems like no ones growin the OG anymore. @leveluplifestyle found it though!

Kind of the Og kush, I remember the Og I was getting in the mid 2000’s, nothing today has compared to that . I really miss it

Me too! That was the best time for OG in my opinion. OG, Grand Daddy Purps, Bubba Kush, headband.... So many strains are different then they were during those times, or you just can't get them. Those are the flavors I fell in love with weed too. I am an expert on pretty 98 Bubba, and most of this shot ain't it.

Idk I'm not a geneticist, but it seems like they have over-breeded some of the triats out of some of the older strains.

At the last facility I worked at, we had some of what was called "og 18" that reminded me more of the old OG's than anything i've had in a while. You might check it out if you come across it.

Well come and visit and I can hook you up with some.

I just may some say :)

I had never had it either! I believe it's a popular one even! My recommendation is to try it if you have the chance.

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Ah nice I love northern lights, My favorite strain acutely.

The term we always use is creeper weed🤣🤣.

Great review 👍

I've hear creeper weed before as well. haha. Thank you!

Yeah eh, It is a common term we use here in Canada

Northern Lights has a looot of history. I used to see it everywhere 10 years ago. It feels like I haven't seen genuine, original, Northern Lights in ages. This batch looks great though! Keep it up yo!

Northern Lights was the first "kind bud i ever smoked. $75 1/8 in 1994. MA came from a legit veteran Deadhead. I took 1 bong hit and within an hour was in a 5 hour nap. I had never seen anything like it, as i was accustomed to the classic brick break-offs of dubious origin.

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yea back then it was "the good stuff" and shwag. haha