'Cheezy Bitch' - Marijuana Millions Giveaway Entry

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Over on smoke.io @chronocrypto is hosting a fat giveaway contest which has very few entries. In fact, with the closing date approaching on 24 May and the contest having been announced on the 12th, mine is only the second entry so far.

You still have time and it's not hard but YOU WILL need TO BE on smoke.io to enter:

  • Post a picture of your one Nug, make sure it looks badass and dank.
  • With the picture describe the best looking nug, be very descriptive and specific, make it a romantic scene in a movie or chapter in a book... might even make it sound sexy.. Hey!! Don't judge me.
  • Add #cannacontest
  • Post a comment here with your link of post. Please do so this way. [Mysexy budnug](Your post link)

You gotta check the prizes out for yourselves, there are three! Chrono said he was high when he wrote the post which might just explain it 😂!


So yeah folks this is me, a Cheezy lil bitch (not Dawg) of a 1g 'one' nug. Barge (krunkypuram) was lucky he's even able to make a post with fresh photos coz I iz all he's got. There ain't much to say, I'm an unknown form of Cheese! Check out my orange limbs and hairy armpits. Drink of my sweaty scent and imagine what lies beneath the surface. I have pimply trichomes which sometimes burst with a satisfying 'pop' (just like you humans with your spots when that ripe pus hits the mirror huh?....yeah!...good feeling innit?...bet some of you find that sexy too! Mad I tell you, mad!!!).




I ain't your sticky type, oh no, I won't cling to you in a needy, manipulative 'love-only-me' kinda way. Nor will I clog your grinder or leave you with much rainy-day keif. But I do my job just fine and I can pump Barge up and ride him to ecstatic heights just as well as your average green-top, perhaps better. I'm a comfort bud, a random bitch Barge picked up by the side of the road to keep him going until he gets lpaid and then boy'o'boy will he be getting the ladies in or what!

Shame I won't be around to oogle the orgy but by then of course I'll be up in smoke(.io?) - a happy memory. However, NOW, in this moment (which is all Barge ever has), I - Cheezy Bitch and nobody else - am the one being undressed and dolled up for this nugporn post.

So you can kiss my bush dude! Admire me, desire me, use me, pick me, smell me, taste me, burn me, toast me ...........yeah, I've seen it all before and there ain't nuttin' any pot-headed Barge can do that's gona startle a Cheezy Bitch like me!



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