Maradona supports the self-cultivation of cannabis for medical use

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In a video broadcast by the medical pro-cannabis association La Semilla , Diego Maradona spoke in favor of the self-cultivation of cannabis for medical use, just when the Argentinian government intends to change the law and raises the question question of whether or not to include self-cultivation.

Let's support self-cultivation so that our children live better, have a much better quality of life than we do," said Maradona

Maradona was interested because he also has an autistic son and his mother is reluctant to give him cannabis oil," said Arabai Rea, president of La Semilla , arrested a few months ago for cultivating oils for her grandson. Castillo explained to Maradona the various uses of cannabis oil. "And she told him he could use it for his tremors too." He understands that self-cultivation is the only way to get there, ”added Rea.