Cannabis Creative Contest Week 3: Micro Photography (Last Weeks Winner Announced!!!)

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Welcome to week three of The Cannabis Creative Contest!!

Canna Creative Contest.jpg


Last weeks winner is @libertarianarts!

The contest was to create a cannabis inspired poem.

Here is her entry Malice In Wonderland

Congratulations, here's 100 Weedcash!



I am going to keep this weeks prize at 100 WEEDCASH!!

This weeks contest is an easy one for our Weedcash artists, however is is not only restricted to Weedcash....

I want everyone on the Steem blockchain to get involved!


This weeks theme is MICRO PHOTOGRAPHY.

I will be taking creativity into account. Get artsy with this!

The winner will receive 100 WeedCash after Aug 4th!!!!

I will be manually curating the best entries.


  • The title of your post should be "Cannabis Creative Contest Week 3: (your entry title) "
  • Photo must be your creation.
  • It must be cannabis themed
  • Write a description of your photo
  • Make a post and link it in the comments below
  • Only one contest entry per person
  • You do not have to upvote or resteem, however, a resteem to reach more people would be greatly appreciated!
  • This contest will be open until Aug 4th

Make sure you tag your contest entry with #weedcash, #creativecoin, #palnet, and any other tribe of your choice that accepts original creative content!

If you make your post through Steempeak you can use up to 10 tags!

So attach a micro lens or get that smartphone REALLY close and smoke a joint of sativa

I look forward to all of your micro photo entries.

Until next time, with big hugs and nugs from me...





Thank you! What an honor! I will spend the weedcash wisely. 😄

My @imaginary-friend was sure you would win ;)

Congratulations 🍾 Your poem spoke on a topic that I write about regularly. Taxes are regulations are tools used by big businesses to destroy the smaller competition by bankrupting them.

You are welcome!

Here is a vote for the winner! Congratulations!

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This is a great idea!!!! Will have to get my thinking cap on!! Love it. Though without weed, I can't do the photography, but I woulda done a poem. I'll keep an eye out for the next challenge.

Yes, keep an eye out! I want to have a different challenge every week. Thank you for the support!

Damn I'm sorry... That looks like our super cheap store buds...

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The one in the picture on the guitar? Yeah, it isn't all that.

Yeah man well anyways... I'll also throw a big vote on the winner of your contest. Tag me and let me know. But I'm definitely support and share!

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thanks for the effort with these contests 👏👍

I'm trying! Each week will be different, so hopefully if I get no entries this week, I can get some next week.

Thank you for the support!

No entries = Prize rollover!