Weedcash - Some Thoughts on Engagement

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Greetings tokers,

Weedcash, in my humble opinion has the potential to be one of, if not the most successful tribe on Steem.

This being said, it's up to us to show the world how much this means to us. We want world wide legalization, as well as a complete overhaul regarding the public opinion that has been brainwashed into the reefer madness generation. Let's recognize that this was a political agenda, intended to brainwash, for the purpose of corporate gain. I think we can agree on this, and if anyone is skeptical, well.. Go watch those reefer madness videos, depicting crack headed looking rapists losing their minds after smoking a joint.

So, I am not liking the amount of engagement currently on the network. I comment and rarely receive responses. This is unacceptable to me, and it's up to us to set an example.

We must BE the change we want.

So lets blast this network to the moon, and start engaging!!!!!!

The first 5 comments get 100% Weedcash vote from me, in order of the incoming comments. (but I'll hook all the comments up with some votes regardless)

  • Tell me what you love about weedcash.
  • Tell me what sets it apart from the other tribes.
  • Tell me your opinions regarding legalization.
  • Tell me I'm out of my mind, I don't care!

Just comment, and make it a minimum of 30 words at least..

I want Weedcash to thrive and succeed. Do you?


I am felling the same way. I understand life get's busy, but all I encourage people to do, is just 3 comments a day. Also if you get a comment, just a simple thank you would be nice. I cant tell you on how many times I just get an up vote instead of a verbal response back. Easy peasy.

Exactly! It makes me sad to look at Steem right now, the fact that many are not engaging because it's not profitable for their time. I get that, but the intrinsic value of Steem, as well as the tribes that mirror the system, is the fact that it is a social network.

If we just create content, where there is no actual discussion, then what are we doing aside from just "printing money" so-to-speak. It will slowly fizzle into a worthless economy with a whole bunch of people going "what did we do wrong?"

Great comment @canna-curate! Definitely agree fully!

So many people are just using Weedcash/steem as post dumping grounds. They only care about getting their daily rewards, or they think there shit dont stink and there content is so exceptional, they dont have to go out and seek content to curate. One thing that pissed me off the other day, was a post by @queenofsmoke, where all you had to do was guess a weight, and you had a chance to win a pipe, a fucking pipe is up for grabs, and only 1 fucking comment withing 24 hours. How sad is that right? If we are to compete with Smoke, we really need to get this engagement thing figured out. But honestly who here really cares about this place then just a small handful? I hope I am proven wrong, and hopefully I am just over thinking things, I really do hope man.

It really does seem this way, that only a few really care. I try not to take it personal when I take 20 minutes to compose my thoughts for someone and they simply ignore. Even a vote is still not very pleasing, because it's akin to saying "yeah buddy, I acknowledge that you have some thoughts, but I don't have time for you."

That makes me not want to comment on their posts again, and maybe it's a bit judgmental, but it's not doing anything for our cause to be an antisocial network.

And I don't know much about SEO, but the more active the network is, the higher the rankings I think, which will attract more users to the network, and expand on the legalization movement.

Thanks for everything you do bro! We know who is here for a true cause and who isn't, actions speak louder than words as they say! (and I guess if there are no words, that is kind of an in-action lol)


First commenter. Great read. Let's get movin' folks.
I find, after much research and all the Netflix documentaries that regardless of opinion marijuana + or - thc IS medicinal.

Thank you :)

I think they are trying to slowly work it , (the corporate entities that is...)
They want to control the industry of course.
This might explain documentaries popping up on corporate video sites, portraying medicinal value.

I would like Weedcash to start thinking of better use cases for its token because right now it is only a store of value/reward system for the network.

If they could actually find some real world utility for their token then people would actually start to value it. Right now what is backing the value of the WEED token? Supply and demand.

I upvote and comment on every article that I find interesting within my daily limit. I also resteem, but only that which truly means something to me or that could help someone in some way. I'm all about learning and growing on a daily basis. I'm not on Steem every day all day but I do believe in using social platforms for being as sociable as rules allow.

Stuff like this?

And this?

There could be better use cases, but I think this is a great start, and through regular engagement in the community, we can expand on these ideas! And most importantly, not miss that they are happening.

Thank you for your thoughts!

I appreciate your dedication to steem and weedcash. I agree that those of us who want to see the success of the blockchain need to take whatever action we can think of to get the word out. I would love to see weedcash stickers by the hundreds being handed out in dispensaries and plastered on telephone poles and stop signs. I would be happy to donate a chunk of my WEED to the cause. Let’s get those stickers printed and in the hand of supporters who will disperse them in their areas.

Thank you @choosefreedom

I think that is a great idea. We definitely need some advertising.

I searched online a bit and was pretty surprised how expensive it is to have some simple stickers made lol, but I'll search around a bit more and see what I can find. I would definitely be willing to donate some of my precious weedcash to the cause as well. If we don't get some adoption, it won't be worth anything anyway.

I also appreciate your dedication, and thank you for taking the time to comment and offer up some ideas, we need more people like you! :)

By whom is Weedcash?
How is distribution?
Are there big ninja whales?

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It depends on what you consider a whale here really. I'm #10 in stake holding. This is @futuremind btw.

I'm not 100% sure about distribution , but I think it's 60/40. 40% to curators, but I could be wrong. @richardcrill would be the man to ask. Maybe he'll see this tag and jump in the conversation.

We're a niche tribe, and our community here supports the legalization of cannabis.
is our front end, and I am sure you will earn some weedcash, should you decide to blog about cannabis and use the tag ;)

Being from germany and posting Cannabis Blogs onto a blockchain sounds dumb

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Cannabis being illegal sounds dumb.

If you are not a part of the solution, then what are you? People complain all the time that this isn't fair, that isn't fair.. This is our opportunity to voice our truth to the world, and we need more like minded people.

I understand things are tough for you right now bro, but I suggest you think about this, and ask yourself what you can do to make a difference , with something you've already admitted has helped you in so many ways, yet you are suppressed from it .

Think about that.

Best wishes.

even though I can't grow or even post about pot, I'll post about other plants.. :)

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