Chill and smoke weed.

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Really nice picture of our view yesterday.


Then on top of it I had to buy a DVD player so that I can watch my martial arts instructional video... $25 and it's actually a cool little thing.



Puppy dog says hello of course.

Here are some pictures and today we are going to be doing martial arts.

And smoking some weed.

It's really nice when your friends hook you up with some really good herbage.


And I'm doing my best to avoid all in any drama for a little while. There's been an amazing amount of it going around everybody is stressed and I can feel pressure continuing to rise around me.

Too bad I can't demand that everybody get a bong...


Yo, your dog looks stoned, man🤣🤣🤣

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LoL! You are in that boat man and all the crypto that comes with it congratulations for making me die of laughter and also making puppy dog Prance around. .

Legendary comment if I don't already follow you I'm going there now

Hahahahaha 😂😂
Thanks a lot, man.

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Looks like a decent bud there, how was it?

Absolutely life-saving especially when you're out of cannabis