The Free Voluntarist Team Fully Supports The Legalization of Cannabis

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The Free Voluntarist team generally supports the end of the needless drug war that has plagued American streets with negativity, and possibly exacerbated violent crimes. Many of us within our community have had positive opinions in regards to cannabis-related topics.


We have decided to make a public announcement in support of ending the drug war, but more importantly, we support the full untaxed legalization of recreational marijuana, and other cannabis-related products. We feel as though it would benefit the American people as we open up police resources for real violent crimes plaguing our towns and cities. Too many individuals in our country are being mistreated by the current draconian laws that punish miniscule actions. We want to remove or minimize the damage that such regulations bring to the people, so we all can focus on bettering the world in other ways.

Of course, we understand as we take this position, some readers may not agree, however, we are very open for dialog and discussions on how we can approach the recreational use of cannabis.

Thank you all for the support over the years and we hope to see more progress for liberty lovers across the globe.

Best wishes to all!

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We need more of this! Communities need to make a stand for the legalization of cannabis!

Right on!

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Welcome to weedcash! It would be nice to see decriminalization, then left up to the states so the feds keep there hands off and let greed take control, which is what we are seeing anyway.


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Thanks for the greetings!
We'll gladly support WEEDCash stakers by curating their best content. Our team will also publish some cannabis-related articles in the future, either in their own Hive accounts, or through our page.

Thanks again for the support!

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