Florida Poll Reveals Majority Want Recreational Marijuana

in #weedcash4 months ago

A new poll from Public Policy Polling has revealed that the majority of Floridians WANT recreational Cannabis. It is no surprise to me since many here advocate for the Republican Party to reconsider their limitations on the heavenly crop.

The poll has stated that roughly 59% percent of Floridians favor recreational Cannabis, and around 31% are against recreational Cannabis. The Republican Party currently holds a Trifecta Majority in Florida. They are reluctant to support recreational legalization efforts due to some of their stances on waiting for Federal penalties to be lessened or removed. It seems though many Republicans in Office have become disconnected from what the majority of the state wants. Young Republicans, compared to the older generations of conservatives, are significantly more open to having free-market capitalism for Cannabis.

Of course, I am one of the advocates for recreational Cannabis in my great state and fully support the efforts to push the Republican party in the correct direction.