Testing the weedcash.network site - I have powered up my tokens!

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This is a post about testing steem-engine tokens. I am using the weedcash.network site, which is so similar to steemit.com, that it actually seems like steemit.com.

Some things, like the wallet, link back to steemit.com (so I'm not sure how to claim my pending rewards, which I probably don't have yet).

Some things don't seem to work yet, like image upload.

Some things are not yet clear to me, like how can I distinguish between voting with my steem power and voting with my staked weedcash (of which I have 143).

This seems like a very interesting start - but for now, I would just use my front-end of choice to make my posts and use the #weedcash tag as appropriate. It is my understanding that only #weedcash tagged posts can get weedcash distributed to them. This post then, is the next step in my testing, to see if I can get some juicy weedcash votes and see if I can figure out how to get them distributed to me :)

With a lot of weedcash being printed within the next 24 hours, I wonder if the exciting new price hike will stick....

Either way, WeedCash now has a first mover advantage over all these other steemit clones (like silly weku), that is, weedcash token is directly tradeable for steem on the steem-engine marketplace!

I expect we will see the spread tighten and a market being made very quickly as the WeedCash ecosystem develops over the next couple of days. People will want to power up their weedcash, but also take out some gains in steem.

Let's follow along!


is so similar to steemit.com, that it actually seems like steemit.com

That's because the code for steemit.com (called Condenser) is public and open source, so this is literally a clone of steemit.com but instead of showing payouts in STEEM or USD it shows them in WEED tokens.

I'm not sure how to claim my pending rewards

This is a feature that will be added to the site in the very near future.

how can I distinguish between voting with my steem power and voting with my staked weedcash

You can't distinguish between the two. A vote is a vote and it will contribute both STEEM from the Steem reward pool if you have SP and also WEED from the Weed Cash reward pool if you have WEED staked.

If you vote for something on weedcash.network, are you also voting on the steem blockchain?

Yes, the site is just another front end on top of the same Steem blockchain, just like busy.org or steempeak.com.

Thank you for confirming these things!

Interesting, this is the first I've really heard of weedcash besides the name. So it's a new front end and a token-that-will-be-an-SMT type thing?
I have been experimenting with various tokens as well, like I sold a small amount of my Clean Tokens since I have so many just as a test since I hadn't used Steem Engine before. And I earned a Meep by doing so! LOL
Just today I used the Actifit site to essentially trade in some tokens for an upvote on Steem, which is supposed to come on my next Actifit post, within 92 hours? They max out the amount you can trade in for this, so I did the max of 20 afits for a 1.1something Steem vote. I don't get an actifit post done every day tho, so I'm wondering if I don't get one until after the window, or if I get one before the window but not another one after for a while - I guess I'll find out how it works. I need to run an errand hopefully tomorrow so that should work. It's all an experiment! :)

Would you do me a favor? Reply to this comment and include #weedcash in your comment, and I will vote it and see if you get a payout in weedtoken. I already upvoted this comment and there is no weedtoken payout listed.

I tried that actifit thing when it came out - I did the max like 1 or 2 months ago and never again did an actifit post :facepalm: but I keep telling myself I am testing them, when I finally get around to doing actifit again, I will be ready to see if they vote extra for me!

These new token projects are lots of fun, I have been talking to a lot of different groups and will have some cool token giveaways and contests coming up :)

I'll do it! #weedcash

Dude, with all your gardening you do you and @ecoinstante would be the rulers of Actifit with all your tokens! They've really been building it out, you should leave it running while you work. :)

I can has #weedcash ? :D

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What was the answer @ecoinstant - did she get a payout in #weedcash ? How would you know? Where do you see it come up?

I'm a "he," please.

@phoenixwren, I know that, lol. Typo, I assure you, as well as juggling far too many things at once.

Ha, and I was just fending off the twenty millionth time I've been called 'brother' on this platform - karma!

Sorry bro sis no, the comment at third level never appeared on the weedcash.network site

And I didn't get any in my Steem Engline. Maybe it only works on posts, unless I have to sign up to receive any first?

LOL - no worries. :)

Go weedcash! Yes, powered up mine and have been getting curation and author rewards showing up shortly. I read somewhere how to collect need to find it .

Let me know! Yaba says soon :) #weedcash gettin' collected

Hey great post man. I have bought some weedcash and i am having problems staking them. I have also added the steem keychain to my browser but when i try to stake, i get this error.

Anyhelp would be great as im not sure if the problem is coming from weedcash.network are the chrome extenstion

You need to add the active key for the silverstackeruk account to keychain. Click the settings icon in the top right, then choose Manage Accounts, choose the silverstackeruk account and click the + button for the active key and add your active key in there.

So what exactly benefit for using weedcash instead of steem. Will ever it get high price than steem?

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WeedCash is built ON Steem, so I don't think instead is the right word - unlike whaleshares or weku, weedcash is a steem sub-token, available to trade against steem on steem-engine right now!

Now whether its worth more or not - that's for the market to decide. It also seems like I am voting with my SP and my staked WeedCash at the same time, but I just tested the self vote - and there was no weed distributed, while Steem did. So already we can see the differences in incentives available by having multiple communities testing different features :)

EDIT: Okay, seems like the self vote did go through - but there is a difference in the comments I am seeing. Its all about testing!

@ecoinstant, does that mean if I self vote in, say, Steempeak, and my post is tagged #weedcash, I upvote myself with weed AND sp? So confusing.

It definitely boggles! Have you seen my update post? I show the different comment views on the two sites (steemit.com and weedcash.network). I believe that, after reading @aggroed's posts, that what you describe is the desired behavior.

Tried to get on there but it wouldn't load... I'll have to try again later.

It does seem affected by a usage spike - the only key feature of using the actual site (versus just using the tag from any front end) that I can tell so far is seeing the amount of WEED token pending distribution.

Either way, WeedCash now has a first mover advantage over all these other steemit clones (like silly weku)

oh yeah... weku, whaleshares, bearshares, golos, trybe, serey
So much useless projects.

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