SCOT token technicals - PART 2 - Claiming your Pending balance

in #weedcash3 years ago (edited)

Yesterday I wrote about, the first full rollout of a steem sub token. I am testing, checking and asking questions about how this all works.

And it has now paid out!

Of course, there is no actual way to claim my rewards in the interface, so I went looking for the solution on the Steem-Engine discord. There, legendary developer @holger80 had the solution, currently the way to claim your pending balance is through a custom json action, available here through this steemconnect link

I also did a little playing around with the comments on that blog, and found some very interesting behavior. Voting through did not yield any weed token rewards, but voting through did yield both SP and WEED rewards. Using the hashtag #weedcash did not change this.

Comment depth beyond 2 seems unavailable on, or at least that is my preliminary observation.

@yabapmatt also responded, confirming a few points, that this is a clone of (like weku), that weedcash and SP votes cannot be separated, and that a 'claim pending rewards balance' button will be implemented soon.

The market on Steem-Engine for weedcash continues to maintain a tight spread, at quite a high price. I have powered up most of what I made from my first post, and will continue to support, test and check out this new ecosystem!

Tell me your questions, comments, experiences about this new technological development!


Right on! Just claimed my weed tokens. Ill like to ad here so people are curious, it takes a min for the claimed weed to appear in your wallet. :) Unless I just did something wrong.

100% right, and I may include this in an update today. Basically the SCOTBOT is off-chain, just a server that is looking at new blocks on STEEM for commands to respond to. This can add an additional delay to the distribution of the SCOT tokens.

Right on! Thanks for publishing this info :)

My pleasure :) I have a few more tests for the next post in the series, including curating and flagging.

Excellent post! :)

I will share with anyone that asks me how to claim rewards.

I assumed it was automatic. Great investigation! :)

Awesome information @ecoinstant! looking to see more and more of these sites come to life!!

Thanks man, i was looking for a way to do my first claim as well.

Great post


Great post, but I feel like an idiot trying to understand it all. How do you actually claim - that link you gave - where would you find that if you didn't actually click on your hyperlink? (the custom json) - there's actually a lot that's hard for lay people to understand.

Can I confirm that if you vote through, you yield SP AND WEED, but if it's a #weedcash post on steemit, you don't? Unless you have weedcash yourself? Ah so confused.

where would you find that

I found it in the steem-engine discord, in the scotbot channel from developer @holger80. This is one of those links that will be integrated into the site with time.

You must actually be staking weedcash to distribute from the weedcash reward pool (ie have your vote be worth something in 'WEED'). I can confirm what you say about comments (only voting through the site yields weeds regardless of staked weed) - I am going to do a test now with top level posts and see if my vote through on a #weedcash post adds weed rewards.

Still as clear as mud. So, here's my post payout, yes:


And if I click on my wallet, it takes me to Steem Engine. Hm. No idea what to do there. I clicked on your json link and claimed rewards it seems - but where do they go? Where do I see them? And I'm still a little unclear on the staking thing.

When I can see my steemengine wallet with all my tokens, including weedcash, and then click the lock to unstake - what happens with that?

So are you saying basically if I unstake it to have my vote worth something, and I can claim through JSON, but I can't see that info in my wallet, because it's not a function they have yet? And when I stake it, my token balance in Weedcash becomes 0 in Steempeak - ahhhh I'm sooo confused!!



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Waiting for a claim pending balance right on steem-engine(or better yet a wallet right on weedcash) but that steemconnect link works fine. Just gotta keep it somewhere so I don't need to go hunting.

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Right on, thanks for showing me what it looked like from your end. So do I need to go sign up on their site to be able to earn tokens? Or do you need to buy tokens to be able to earn tokens?