Carolina Hemp Company T-Shirts

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A couple of weeks back i saw a post from the Carolina Hemp Company advertising cool looking T-Shirts
Screenshot (271).png
I had a look at the post and their website only to find out the only ship inside the US :( ..... must be something about Mexicans paying for a wall that parcels cannot penetrate?? LOL

I then contacted their customer services team and got a reply the next day (timezones) by Joseph who said he would look into International Freight for me. He got back to me the next day with a price and i paid for the T-Shirt today :)

They look like awesome T-Shirts but i also want to support businesses that support Steemit!, what they should do is accept SP for their products :)

Here is the link

i chose brown as i am full of shit and a brown noser....haha

cant wait to get it - thanks for all your help @carolinahempco

i am @dr-autoflower

meme from

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Hell yeah man thanks for being a supporter of the whole community from top to bottom!

Thanks for that :)

Changed vote to a 100% for being a true Steemian! That shirt is so sick. I am going to have to get one myself come payday.

i really like the T shirts and that i found them on steemit!

We need to get more weed-related retailers advertising on steemit, then we could buy their products using either steem/weedcash or CCToken

Most defienly!