U.S. Cannabis Sales Smashing Records: $17.5 billion in 2020

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The CBD gummies market today is one of the fastest growing spaces in the CBD industry. You can find a variety of CBD gummies and THC gummies today in cannabis stores around the U.S.

Legalization has fueled a strong cannabis market in the country and over the years the products have continued to grow in variety.

Today you can find different goods in the cannabis stores aside from just your usual flower cannabis options, like topical creams, vapes, pipes, trays, drinks, gummies, and more.

CBD gummies today are on the rise, they're popular with different age groups as they make it convenient to take a certain dose of CBD at a certain time.

It also adds a bit of flavor too, instead of going with some tasteless CBD oil option.

Americans are spending a lot of money on cannabis goods like CBD products and gummies in general.

Last year people in the U.S. drastically increased the money spending on cannabis and CBD products and sales records have been smashed with the amount of cannabis Americans have been smoking lately.

And although CBD gummies might be very popular there are other items that are also seeing high demand, like vape pens for both CBD and THC.

CBD has been referred to as "Cannabis for the Non-Stoner"

For those who don't want the 'high' that traditionally comes with THC they can opt for CBD and that's is why many more people are willing to jump into the CBD market than experiment with cannabis in general.

The CBD gummies market in the U.S. today is estimated to be worth hundreds of millions and within a few years that could easily continue to grow into a multi-billion dollar market.

This market is already estimated to be worth more than 2 billion worldwide today thanks to the boost in demand last year from the lockdown.

With CBD gummies you can get an almost unlimited option for flavors and flavor combinations, bringing a wide variety of flavor to this market. It's easy to see why this is an appealing market to millions and why they might opt for gummies over other cbd products. They are discrete and they are often cheaper than other CBD products in the market as well.

CBD has played a significant role in bringing more success to the cannabis market overall and fueling its growth.

Watch out for CBD fakes

Due to the hyper popularity surrounding this market though there are a lot of fakes out there and fraudulent products and it is important to find a trusted supplier. You could also seek out third party independent testing on your cannabis or CBD products to verify the quality of what you are getting.


All these breakthroughs and technology, and yet every time I visit the USA I am shocked the prices for an 1/8th at a shop are still as expensive as it was to buy it on the black market in the late 90s.

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Awesome post ☺️

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we need a cannabis gummy backed crypto on HIVE blockchain. Let's call it Hashkings.

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And the US is making a mint everywhere they legalized it - exorbitant taxes!


Yeah, sadly the government is taking advantage of this. There should be no taxes on cannabis whether recreational or medicinal!

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