The Entourage Effect

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The Entourage Effect is described as the combined interaction of cannabinoids, terpenes, and the individual endocannabinoid system; how cannabis compounds all interact with one another synergistically to ultimately modulate the psychoactive effects of cannabis.


The entourage effect has been known to potentially help to maximize the therapeutic effects that an individual might reap from cannabis.

The awareness of that entourage effect has prompted many in the field to suggest that combining more than just THC or CBD on its own, can lead to more benefit.

The combination of everything interacting together is alleged to help magnify any therapeutic benefits that the individual might reap.

This doesn't mean that people still cannot gain some value from using CBD or THC on their own however.


The interaction that is taking place with the cannabinoids and terpenes is regarded as “the entourage effect,” and since every individual has an endocannabinoid system this too plays a role.

As more turn to potentially reap a benefit from this collective experience that is taking place with all ingredients working together, it has fueled demand for full-spectrum products.

Today you can find isolate, full spectrum, and broad spectrum products on the market.

Full spectrum CBD products for example, are ones which extract a full profile of cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant for the product.

The isolate method seeks to isolate and extract a cannabinoid, like CBD from the other cannabinoids, and you can see an example of that clear liquid looking product in the image above far left.

The broad spectrum includes a refinement process that takes out cannabinoids, offering arguably less benefit when you are trying to reap the full benefit of the entourage effect from the cannabis plant by everything working together.

It is debatable which might be the superior method to use, and everyone has their own personal preferences in that regard, so the variety of products is needed to help serve those diverse cannabis needs.


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It is crazy how much our knowledge of this Awsome miracle of a plant has come! My guess is we have barely touched the surface.

Its amazing on what science is telling us about what we already knew, even though we did not know exactly, lol.