The Busiest Sales Day For Cannabis In 2020

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Over the last five years there are a few particular days that have often made the top 10 busiest sales days for cannabis. One of those days is of course 4/20 which over the last 5 years has been one of the busiest sales days for cannabis. But last year it failed to reach the top 5. The same goes for the friday before Memorial day, this too is often in the top sales days for cannabis. But in 2020 the friday before Memorial day also failed to reach the top 5 sales days, according to sales stats analyzed by Akerna.

Top Sales Days in 2020 for cannabis:

  • New Year's Eve
  • Green Wednesday
  • Wednesday Before Christmas
  • Black Friday
  • Friday Before Halloween

Flower is one of the most popular cannabis products in the market and again it was one of the most popular items being sold in 2020. Most people are going to go in for some cannabis joints when they opt to try this product, but there are other types that also aren't far behind.

This includes:

Cannabis edibles are one of the fastest growing categories right now, this includes CBD cannabis edibles which many people have been looking to purchase in 2020 to deal with anxiety and stress that came from the lockdown and COVID-19.

As more states move on to embrace either legal cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, this market is only going to continue to grow in the U.S., as in other areas. By 2025, the number of cannabis consumers in the United States alone is expected to go on to reach at least 46.6 million people or more.