Tens of Thousands of Cannabis Convictions To Be Dismissed

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There are countless individuals who have paid a heavy price in the war on drugs. Some have had their lives ruined, locked up in cages for years over a joint. When they get out the struggle isn't over either. With that record it gets even harder to find good housing, a good job, and to try and achieve a higher standard of living. The war on drugs has inflicted enormous pain on communities not just in the U.S. but around the world.

The war on drugs has been a war on human rights, the right of an individual to grow, trade, or consume cannabis. With those hundreds of thousands that have past convictions from cannabis cases some have been lucky enough to have their convictions dismissed as the legalization has spread around the country.

It is a wrong made right that is better late than never.

Over the years there are thousands of these convictions that have been dismissed and in California there are about to be about 60k more to add to that.

Just recently the Colorado Gov. also signed a bill that would expand effort to expunge those cannabis records in the region and increase the threshold for possession as well. Even though some areas have said they would get rid of those cannabis records there are some who have been off to a slow start..


good to hear. Thank you.Some things take decades, other hundreds of years and even millennia to change.