Study Shows Cannabis Consumers Aren't As Lazy As You Think

in #weedcash4 months ago

There is the commonly held ignorant stigma that all cannabis users are lazy or unproductive but this isn't the truth for many cannabis users today.

That sort of description isn't a fair assessment for the millions of cannabis users in the world and throughout the United States.

In the cannabis industry we see that seniors happen to be one of the fastest growing demographics for cannabis customers today, athletes as well for cbd products and other cannabis goods. You might not expect this from the cannabis market but it is what we see today for cannabis trends.

One recent study is helping to further erode that negative cannabis stigma that users are just lazy and unproductive.

The study was conducted with 5,000 adult cannabis users from the United States and Canada, as part of a study by cannabis tech company Dutchie, which sought to investigate to get further understanding about the average cannabis user.

The data showed that most cannabis users are successful, they are health-conscious, and they are motivated.

Cannabis users are teachers, creative entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, athletes, and have been high-achieving on more than one occasion. There are multiple reasons why people are using cannabis today but for whatever the reason the truth is that the user is diverse, you cannot generalize the user as being lazy or unproductive, you could but it wouldn't be accurate.

Cannabis users can be found who are motivated to stay active and healthy, some even pair their cannabis use with working out or recovering after working out, and they have no trouble staying physically active or productive.

Overall, the assumptions about your average cannabis consumer that have been fueled by media for years are highly inaccurate.

The old belief that users are all unhealthy, inactive, and unintelligent, is a judgement that is unfounded and one that has been proven to be wrong on more than one occasion.