New study says cannabis users at higher risk of heart attack

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A recent study came out that linked myocardial infarction in youth with cannabis use. Those who have been using more cannabis were allegedly more likely to have a heart attack.

However, the study is based on data that comes from telephone surveys and there could obviously be a wide number of problems with the results that they get from those telephone surveys.

Does the quality of cannabis matter?

Not only that but there is no mention of the cannabis samples that the individuals themselves used being tested. The cannabis samples whether they be edibles (what other ingredients are in them?), vapes (same question?), or flower etc, the answer on the quality of samples that people used could also impact the results that you get as far as long-term health.

The researchers tried to account for things like demographics, socioeconomic factors, and health-related behaviors. Researchers today also suggest that more information is needed because we don't know enough yet about the impact of cannabis however the endocannabinoid system is arguably different and unique for each individual. How they experience cannabis and in what form they choose to consume it in might drastically differ from the next, it makes it incredibly difficult then to lump hundreds or thousands of users together in an effort to try and generalize about what long term effects might be.

The study found that cannabis users are also likely going to use cigarettes, e-cigs, and be heavy drinkers too.

The information that is posted above is not intended or implied to ever be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.


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