New Mexico Gets Ready For High Recreational Demand

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Recreational cannabis sales are going to start in New Mexico and they are getting ready for the changes. The recreational cannabis market has been legalized in the region and for those other states that have already introduced their own they saw a high demand for products as soon as they launched.

Some cannabis companies ran out of product because of the high demand for cannabis items. While that might be good business for the stores it can leave some cannabis patients out of luck when they need their medicine. Actors in the cannabis market in NM are already working to try and make sure that this doesn't happen.

Shops around the U.S. had run out of cannabis products because of the high demand and there are still several states that haven't made changes to allow for recreational or medicinal cannabis yet. There is still a great deal of potential as far as more growth available for the cannabis market, despite it seeming like it is flooded with options already.

In New Mexico they see hundreds of millions in medical sales each year and now they are going to boost that market with recreational cannabis sales in NM as well.

Creating thousands of new jobs

Not only is it bringing more options to people who are looking for cannabis products but the changes will work to create thousands of jobs. In this state alone thousands of jobs could be created surrounding cannabis growing, marketing, cannabis-related real estate selling, dispensary sales, security for dispensaries, and so on.


I like how you put out these great articles just in time for my Weed market Wednesday videos, lol. Gives me something to talk about because the mainstream sites dont have any recent canna news. Guess you are my new official weed news source, 😂

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Looks like New Mexico is about to get High as F^*k! Cool article brother. Keep up the super interesting blog!

It's gonna bankrupt alot of the Colorado towns near the NM border

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bold prediction

Trinidad CO will be the first to go. It's 11 miles from Raton and right off Interstate 25.. there's at least 15 dispensaries there.. I'm betting they're bankrupt in 3 years or less