New Cannabis Changes in NY Expected to Clear 150k People of Cannabis Convictions

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We have seen numerous states clear hundreds of thousands of individuals, or promise to after legalizing, from their past cannabis convictions.

Prisons around the U.S. have seen thousands of people come through because of victimless drug "crimes" involving cannabis. Those criminal records might make it harder for people to get a decent job, place to live, and carry on a productive life.

Seeing those records cleared for thousands is going to give them a fresh start again.

In NY where they too recently made some cannabis changes in allowing legalization are also going to be clearing past convictions. According to a recent estimate it's likely to be around 150,000 people in NY that might be cleared of past marijuana convictions.

Thousands of convictions related to cannabis activities have been erased from local and federal databases after the legalization of this market.

Despite thousands who might have already been cleared there are still many more in need of the same help.

It might seem like many places in the U.S. approve of cannabis and more are starting to, but there are still some states where you can get arrested with a simple joint and face time in jail.

Communities today that have crumbling infrastructure and debt-burdened balance sheets, shouldn't be wasting tens of thousands of dollars of their resources on policing joints and caging cannabis patients, any more than they should be policing lemonade stands for children.


Expunge all marijuana convictions.

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Out of all the BS moves that New York has committed to lately, this has got to be their best move yet. Freeing nonviolent offenders is the way to go!