More Students Opting For Cannabis Today Over Binge Drinking

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The abuse of alcohol today is directly contributing to the deaths of millions of people every single year around the world.

More people are losing their lives to alcohol abuse than they are overdosing from pharmaceutical and illegal drugs.

At the rate of how many are losing their lives because of this substance it's estimated to be about 1 in 20.

And that doesn't take into account all of the people who harm themselves with binge drinking but don't lose their life to be included in the stats, or those who engage in violent acts against themselves and others, with alcohol fueling their actions.

Think of how many families around the world have suffered in the past, and are today struggling and suffering because one member (or several) might be too weak to navigate their alcohol use in a healthy manner. They are in denial of their addiction and how it impacts others around them.

Alcohol obviously causes a great deal of problems in the world today, yet we can see that society in general is much more accepting of alcohol use and marketing of alcohol products, at least more than they are for illicit substances like mushrooms or cannabis.

To some that might seem glaringly hypocritical, to others it's just a commonly held narrative that they aren't willing to challenge.

Choosing Cannabis Over Binge Drinking

For college students, many of them aren't new to the concept of binge drinking, and recent research From Oregon State University suggests that for states with legal recreational cannabis that more students are opting for cannabis over binge drinking.

The results have been published in the journal Addiction, and they show that many students are increasing their cannabis use in college.

When researchers compared states with legalization and those without, they discovered that the students were more than 45 percent more likely to use cannabis than those coming from states where cannabis is not yet legal.

For students who are 21 and older they were shown to have a greater drop in binge drinking, compared to their peers who are living in states with cannabis prohibition still.

It probably isn't likely that cannabis smoking is fueling many domestic disturbance calls with law enforcement around the country.

This is the most common call that they get called to, that the resources get wasted on, trying to navigate disputes between community members. The more that people turn to cannabis and the less they turn to a substance that fuels negative consequences for them, as alcohol does for many, the better those resources will be used. Not only that though, but it arguably would be much safer for individuals as cannabis has never been known to be the cause of a single death because of an overdose.


The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.

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I still hear people that drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes state " i don't do drugs..drug free mate" morons!
As for the Students... smart students, i say :)

that ".drug free mate" gave me a bit of a laugh!

Alchool ruined my teen years, ruined my health and my wallet, it's just bad that society allows and accepts alchool drinking but doesn't accept weed smoking... Makes no sense, one has proven bad effect while the other has a lot of proven good effects and more not yet proven good effects.

I want this green plant also, I not like this old smokes and drinks. 👌👀👌👌

I prefer both.

i prefer cannabis every single time, but i would never want to get the gov involved to stop people from enjoying their consumption of alcohol peacefully ✌️

The abuse of alcohol today is directly contributing to the deaths of millions of people every single year around the world.

And the abuse of Cannabis will directly contribute to...
For how many deaths? What is the difference? Both are bad in big and long-term doses. Cannabis may be even worse, because even the short-term use of cannabis is increasing the risk of both minor and major adverse effects, but the Long-term effects of cannabis are not known yet.

that is not true.

1 is a medicine and heals the body.
the other is a toxic poison.

1 has killed 0 and that is cannabis.
the other has killed millions.

cannabis has been shown to help people overcome addiction of all sorts, has alcohol ever shown to do the same? quite the opposite...

There is no evidence to suggest that cannabis is "bad in big and long-term doses" FOR EVERYONE. This is good news for those who have been using cannabis heavily on a daily basis for years or decades 👍so no, cannabis certainly isn't worse by a variety of metrics.