Mississippi Justices Say No To Cannabis Legalization

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Despite more than 70 percent of the people voting for cannabis legalization in Mississippi it seems their votes do not count and have been deemed void after judges with their state supreme court recently said no to the changes.

The people there tried to change it from the inside, and it looks like they succeeded at first, but they might not have done it in the right way to the satisfaction of government. Regardless of how many people clearly said they are done with the war on drugs in this region, lawmakers just cannot let go yet.

Hundreds of thousands of people in that region want to see cannabis legalized and 6 people put a stop to it.

That is just based on the number of people who bothered to vote, there are likely many more who didn't who also want to see the war on drugs stop and cannabis freedom come to the area.

The current voter initiative process in Mississippi is arguably broken and that is the problem that caused this issue where the justices say they couldn't allow for cannabis legalization to make it through.

“The Mississippi Supreme Court just overturned the will of the people of Mississippi,... Patients will now continue the suffering that so many Mississippians voted to end.” - Ken Newburger, Executive Director for the Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association.


Mississippi is still stuck in the past when it comes to cannabis legislation. State representatives should really reconsider and press on their State Supreme Court to support liberty instead of government controls on the issue.

yah just gotta keep trying to change it from the inside

Brilliant post 😊

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Sad for those in Mississippi. I wonder what rationale was given for overturning the public vote.

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