Growing CBD Demand Brings More Jobs To The Market

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Cannabis markets are going to be opening up in 5 different states that just recently approved of recreational and medicinal markets. This year cannabis and CBD sales have boomed and many CBD and cannabis companies are seeing their company grow significantly.

One of the most popular CBD companies in the U.S. today, known as Charlotte's Web, has had their own sales grow almost 20 percent.

For another CBD manufacturer in the Tampa region, they will be adding at least 20 new jobs to try and help address the spike in demand that they have been seeing this year. They've seen more than a 170 percent sales increase from 2019 as millions of people have turned to find some sort of CBD product in the market this year.

Sales of CBD food items, like drinks and chocolates etc, has grown too, along with gummies being the most popular form of CBD edible today on the market.

The mainstream CBD market is expected to pass $15 billion by 2024, possibly reaching $18 billion or more.

There are dozens of different edible products you can find today that claim to have CBD inside, from chocolate and gummies, to chips, drinks, gum, iced tea and hot chocolate mixes, and much more. But there are plenty of fraudulent products out there that claim to have quality CBD inside and they have anything but. It's important to find trusted suppliers for anyone that is going to be looking for CBD products and there are third-party verification services to access that can help you test samples of anything that you get.

Sales of those CBD edibles is already in the hundreds of millions, with thousands of products available today when you are looking to get CBD. However, though CBD is incredibly popular and being searched by millions regularly, this industry is still in its infancy, there is a lot of room for growth and education that still needs to take place. Although it has become well-known in the last several years, CBD is still highly restricted in many areas, even criminalized in some others.

Government authorities in various jurisdictions have continually toyed with the idea of the criminalization of one frivolous thc level or another, that gets found in those CBD products produced for the market. These strict thc levels for CBD make it incredibly difficult for the market to flourish, and for producers to create a great product that can be used and not burned up and wasted, because there is a lot that can impact that THC level that is outside of the growers control.

For any company today that seriously wants to get involved in the CBD market, it's highly recommended that they offer some sort of edibles product because that is what the people are showing with their dollars that they want. For cannabis though the most popular method of consumption is still flower and general smoking.

Even though a CBD company does offer edibles that doesn't mean they will automatically be successful either, regardless of the demand, as they are still going to have to provide value at the end of the day to those who buy it. Those edibles will need to taste good and be offered at a decent price, otherwise who is going to buy them? For this year, CBD and cannabis have continued to be one of the market areas that is seeing growing demand despite the slowdown in tourism and many other industries.



The cannabis market will continue to expand and flourish, there is no stopping it now.

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the gov is still actively stopping it from flourishing on a daily basis and will continue to do so for decades to come