Contaminated Weed Making Its Way Into Oklahoma Market

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There are over 2,000 medical marijuana dispensaries around Oklahoma and this is one cannabis market that is said to be booming despite only having a medicinal market.

Unfortunately though, for some of the cannabis making its way into the market recently there have been some issues spotted with the cannabis supply.

There is some contaminated weed that has been allegedly found in the Oklahoma medical cannabis market, with some industry experts finding a high number of samples coming back with bad results. They are allegedly seeing elevated levels of pesticides, heavy metals, and other dangerous chemicals on the cannabis samples.

Independent Third Party Testing For Cannabis

There are a number of third party testing services out there in the market today that will test the product and this is the best way for consumers to get another read on what they are buying.

Various sources of cannabis in the market over the years have had issues with quality and finding a good quality trusted source is a top priority for those who need a medicinal supply. Not everyone has the option to get full control over their supply and grow their own, for those who don't there is that option to do the third party independent testing.

It might be a bit of an annoyance at first to go through with but getting the results is worth it so that the consumer can know that they have found a trusted supply.

There have been marijuana recalls in other states as well and previous safety advisory warnings over potentially contaminated cannabis in areas like Colorado and Oregon.

Finding a trusted cannabis supply is a top priority and that is why different independent testing services have come to market over the years, to meet that need for cannabis buyers in the market.

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