CBN Growing In Popularity For Cannabis Market

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There are a variety of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, among them are popular ones like THC and CBD but there are others becoming more well known today too.

One of those is CBN and it is making its way into the cannabis market in edibles, pet treats, and more.

The edibles market is one of the fastest growing cannabis industries and it brings in millions of dollars in sales for each state that has allowed these companies to operate. Not only is CBD one of the biggest drivers of cannabis sales overall in the U.S. but now CBN is growing in popularity too.

CBN edibles market share continues to grow in 2021.

They haven't taken that long to grab a larger share of the edibles market in the U.S. in several states like California, Nevada, and Oregon. There are many new CBN products coming out, including a wide range of flavored CBN cannabis edibles.

California has the largest share so far and they've sold more than $16 million in CBN cannabis products just for the second quarter of 2021.

Each cannabinoid is believed to have its own unique impact or effect on the body and this can be dependent upon how it interacts with the individual's endocannabinoid system, it can differ from person to person. Mixing those cannabinoids together, like CBD and THC, or CBN and THC, is believed to promote an entourage effect that can sometimes fuel more potential benefits or foster a stronger result for example, when taking them in combination with one another.

The Era of Alternative Cannabinoids

Edibles aren't the only products coming out though for the CBN demand, soon you will see more. There is a new line of beverages that are also looking to use CBN, along with other cannabinoids. From oils to topical creams, edibles, and more, there are many market spaces that they could eventually be embraced.

Those other alterative cannabinoids that will be used in cannabis products soon include THCv and CBG, they are growing in awareness and popularity along with CBD and now the CBN products.

Some have suggested that a new evolution is here for the cannabis market because of the beneficial properties that might be tied to each cannabinoid. Because there are so many in the cannabis plant this leaves plenty of marketing potential for all things cannabis for companies out there that might want to incorporate those ingredients into their products. It also means that there might be a lot more education coming for cannabis consumers today as well.

Although CBD might be highly popular around the U.S. and have made its way into dozens of different products like drinks, chocolates, creams, shampoos, pet treats and more, many who use it and those who don't are still very confused about what it is and what it does exactly. THC is one of the most prevalent cannabinoids in cannabis and is well known around the world, now thanks to the CBD market so too is CBD. The same might happen for a variety of other cannabinoids in the future and that means big things for the cannabis market overall.



Just came back from Amsterdam and they felt miles ahead on everything cannabis. I hope that the US can start to follow through this these mass adoption policies we've heard thrown around.

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