Cannabis Market Fueling Property Purchase Boom

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As more states have moved to legalize cannabis in the U.S. this has also meant that more cannabis companies are looking for property to acquire so that they can grow their products.

Not every landlord around the U.S. is willing to deal with cannabis companies, because of the restrictions that still remain surrounding cannabis and activities related to it. But there are some and you can find thousands of acres already around the U.S. that is dedicated to growing cannabis.

As the market has grown so too has the demand for property, commercial real estate members now report seeing an increase in property purchasing for states that moved to legalized cannabis over the past several years.

Because of the restrictions surrounding cannabis still it makes it difficult for those companies to do banking or to get insurance etc.

Mixing Cryptocurrency with Cannabis Business

Some have turned to crypto as a solution to this, but there is still a big problem that many face in those areas.

As the cannabis markets mature though, we eventually will see more options come up to meet those needs. More will get comfortable with offering those services to cannabis customers. It isn't good business to ignore this market.

As more people are using cannabis for medicinal purposes and other reasons, property managers and others in the market need to address the serious needs here.

That means hotels and others in the tourism industry do as well too. They need to consider the cannabis user and whether or not they might cater to that user or make it difficult for them to stay there.

What businesses mix with cannabis? Cafes, pizza shops, restaurants, maybe even fitness facilities?

Some gyms made headlines when they decided to welcome cannabis into their operations, to try and capture that part of the market.

Cannabis users and advocates are working tirelessly toward furthering those market options and deteriorating the ignorant stigma that still exists surrounding cannabis today. Eventually, more real estate opportunities should also open up for cannabis businesses as a growing number of regions seek to capitalize off of this incredibly lucrative industry.


We are yet to see the growth of the cannabis till it's legalized in more states than where it's prohibited.

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So hard to believe that the cannabis market is exploding especially when desperately ill people and children could not use it for medicinal purposes. Big progress is being made in Australia for cannabis oil these days as well. I know that it brings such a lot of pain relief for so many. Changing mindsets, bigotry and legislation is a very long haul.

I think most businesses would benefit from having a piece of this market. Unfortunately, as you stated, the stigma is real. A lot of people still look down on cannabis and that hurts the development of the industry.

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