Cannabis Edibles Not Working For Some

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For some people who have tried cannabis edibles in the market today they claim that they didn't experience any high from them.

With all of the popularity of edibles in the market today it's easy to find some that might not contain what they say they do, leaving a lack of experience to find after purchasing.

But for a small number of people it appears they might be functionally immune to cannabis edibles or have such high tolerances that it doesn't impact them the same as it does for others.


Some people have spent money on cannabis edibles only to find that they didn't get any 'high' from them.

Cannabis researchers have acknowledged that this is the case for some, though they cannot explain why that might be.

“We’re only just now starting to understand the cannabinoid system,... And it’s already clear that it’s not just about what and how much you’re using, it’s about how you’re wired.” - Dr. S Gruber, the director of the Marijuana Investigations for Neuroscientific Discovery programs at McLean Hospital

How cannabis interacts with the body can be drastically different for one person from the next.

And there aren't enough studies that have examined the high tolerance cannabis edibles yet to further understand why some people might not be getting the same experience from it.

It might be because of a key liver enzyme that could make those individuals too efficient at processing ingested cannabis and this could have severe implications for cannabis dosing and people who are looking to medicate efficiently.

Research has found that THC metabolites in the blood differently depending on the variant of enzyme the individual has. This means that biological tests looking for cannabis might have issues, they could have problems with it not showing for those who have consumed cannabis and could make them unreliable.

Thankfully for those who aren't seeing any benefit from the edibles, they have many other cannabis application methods available in the market including flower, vapes, oil, topical creams, and more.


interesting to read, I think most people should be making thier own. They can use a strain they know and get the right ingredients..

My son doesn’t get any effects from edibles as far as a high, but they help his nerve pain some.

It really a interesting, but I do know that so many edibles in the legal markets are not what they say they are. Also there is a difference between infused products vs spray on. So many edibles, especially gummy’s have oil sprayed on, making them very ineffective.

Agreed, We got this shit going around that people are just using distillate and injecting in candies.Now the grab is garbage and you have no idea whats in it.

This is why I prefer to just smoke the buds instead of eating them. Although, I enjoy myself some tea every once in a while.