Arizona Cannabis Sales Growing Faster Than Colorado

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Arizona is off to a strong start with their legal recreational cannabis market and this means that in the first few months of selling that they have seen millions of dollars in sales.

over $ 1 billion in cannabis sales this year

From that $1 billion this means over $150 million in taxes has been collected from those cannabis users and patients. This means that the state is seeing stronger demand than other popular cannabis destinations have like Colorado and their thriving cannabis market.

It took some time for Colorado to be able to break the $1 billion mark and Arizona now has completed the task already.

The market hasn't been without its issues though.

For example, medicinal cannabis users have had concerns that there might not be enough dispensaries in the region, enough cannabis supply to meet demand.

There have also been lawsuits launched over the licensing practices in Arizona as well, this is something we have seen take place along the way with cannabis legalization in different states.

Not everyone who wants to get involved in this market is going to have that same opportunity even if they should be afforded the freedom. The market is highly restricted in communities all around the U.S. from being able to determine by supply and demand just how many cannabis companies or services might be needed.

Despite the questions over whether or not they would be ready to handle demand though, they are continuing to see strong sales for the cannabis market.

Some dispensaries claim seeing more than $100 million sales in one month alone.

Dozens of dispensaries in Arizona can now be found selling weed and the sales for this region are expected to continue growing as they are just getting started.

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very beautiful and interesting place for us to visit

Didn't see any shops in Williams area which is the little Rt 66 town you get off of Interstate 40 into to go to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. I am sure there will be one open at some point, too much tourist traffic for a shop not to open in that area. But AZ is probably my favorite southwestern state! Glad they are jumping on it! Going to feature this article on this week's Weedcash Market Wednesday video!

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right on

Sounds like friendly competition stirring up. Perhaps other states will join.

The price is coming way down in oklahoma, 60usd ounces out the door everywhere.

but is it good

Good enough, I guess.
I don't like the high powered weeds, they make me nauseous.

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We need in-depth, brave, and protected whistleblowing done NOW on states with recreational weed and how those states are spending the tax spoils. In Illinois, which is an incredibly bloated and corrupt demoncrat-run state, NONE of that tax money has improved education, infrastructure, equity, housing, etc. We're talking over $1 billion collected since it went recreational on Jan. 1 2020.

Recreational weed was a great idea....for the crooks in the State.

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they don't even have enough money to pay interest on debt they owe🤡
at least some ppl now have a path to purchasing and growing and trading with those legal markets that doesn't land them unjustly behind bars any longer. The way that they are so eager to excessively tax the shit out of sick patients, veterans, seniors, children with epilepsy etc, and all others who use cannabis, like they do is disgusting.

Until the Mafioso who run the State and the gang members are all dead, nothing will ever improve, not really.

Rep. Madigan got away with stealing $400 million from tax payers, wasn't even brought into court. These people praise moloch, satan, barbara steisand, you name it.
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