Canna-curate Badge

in weedcash •  last month 

Hi there weedcash,

This morning i found a little nice suprise on my #steempeak page a Beautifull canna-curate badge.
Proud to have the badge very cool so a S.O. To MR @canna-curate !


I must say i like all the changes on and around the Steemit platform. Communities like #weedcash , #lotus and #naturalpruducts are starting to live their own life..


I took a day off today so i will have some extra time to check out more content and other platforms.
Got myself 10grams of Hydro weed last night so i have the time to relax as Well.


Thank you friends for the visit on my blog and have a blessed day.. posted with the #esteem app.

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Glad you like it bro! Ill be giving the badge to more of our members here shortly.

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Thank you my friend i am proud to have the badge keep up the great work!

I noticed my badge yesterday. It's pretty cool that they're doing that now.