Martin's weed. Take one.

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm smoking some weed I got from Martin.. he recently got his medical card and went shopping at some of the dispensaries I am not allowed to enter. Today I'm smoking some Glue he picked up here in Alamosa..


Martin's weed..

Peace out y'all.. Dave




Never smoked weed but does it make you high? 🤪

Today you're late on posting but here we got it now...
Better late than never 😃

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Weedcash wouldn't upload pics and 3speak was moving at a snail's pace

You are not allowed to enter???
How is it going my friend, @davedickeyyall!!!
Happy Friday!

Medical card holders only. Really the only difference is price. But I refuse to get a card. #NotaSheep

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But I thought you were taking weed for medical reasons!

I do. But I don't need a doctor or a States permission. I'm a grown ass man

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