Weed Cash, CBD, Three and Me!

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As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I thought this is my third week on Steemit, so I went and looked at my stats, and yes, I'm finishing up my third week today. I think it is more than just coincidence the Weed Cash Network made its debut during that third week!

I see Weed Cash Network bringing us lots of hope and provides a model ripe with possibilities. I hope to see it continue to flourish and look forward to seeing merchants accept weed cash, especially for CBD oil and hemp-based products.

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I also started a story about the magic of three that I need to finish. If you missed the first part, you can find it at:

Three is a Magic Number (Part 2)

One dark December, now at 39, I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Sometime after the surgery, my OBGYN wanted to send me to an OBGYN Oncologist to talk about chemotherapy. I told her I was not interested in any chemotherapy, because I had seen what it did to the little girl across the street when I was growing up. She never got the chance to grow up.

After seeing my little neighbor suffer so much, only to end up dying after just 8 years of life made quite an impression on me. I was sure that dying from cancer was a better choice than dying from all the medical torture I had witnessed happen to that little girl from across the street.

So, no way, no how was I interested in chemotherapy. My OBGYN convinced me I had nothing better to do than to at least listen to the Oncologist, so I finally acquiesced.

Dr. Rodriguez introduced himself as Gus. Our conversation quickly focused on my disinclination to have chemotherapy. Then Dr. Gus said something I will never forget; “I don’t see why you are so dead set against it, when you will only need 3 treatments. We will give you 3 kinds of medications and each treatment will only last about 3 hours.” Before he could continue, I interrupted him; “OK, you don’t play fair, and I’ll do it.”

Yes, chemotherapy does wreak havoc on a body! During that time, I read that quite a few people were getting relief from the pain and nausea caused by chemotherapy, by smoking marijuana, but I wasn’t connected and was afraid of asking the wrong person. Most of all, I feared that smoking pot might trigger my nasty cigarette addiction back up again, and the last thing I needed was to return to a 2-pack a day cigarette habit! So, I suffered through it, and as it turns out, was much luckier than that little neighbor I remembered so well.

Even more time has now passed, and my body has been through a lot. The world has changed a lot too. Now I have CBD oil to help alleviate my pain, and I thank God for that! In a future post I will share about my quest to understand more about CBD and my personal experiences with CBD oil.

Meanwhile, I am hopeful that my favorite CBD distributor will connect with the Weed Cash Network here. It would be so awesome to purchase my CBD oil with weed cash!


That is awesome that CBD is working for you! I am glad that people are waking up to the powers of cannabis and remembering our natural plant remedies in general. I am impressed by a lot of our modern medical advancements but I have seen first hand the havoc recked by the powerful diseases and sometimes even the medicines themselves. I am only talking about my own experiences watching what my father went through. I have a deep compassion for anyone dealing with the extreme harshness that many diseases bring and a big part of my mission in life is to bring about our memory of natural health with plants and a positive attitude. Much love from the WeedCash community. Thank you for sharing your story.
Also, a CBD distributor accepting WeedCash would be awesome! Please get in touch with me on discord if you need any help with that!

Thank you @richardcrill! You have a much needed mission! It is sad that we have gotten so far away from all the wonderful remedies the earth provides. Recently I have added some essential oils along with taking CBD, and it is such an improvement over prescription and OTC pain meds! If we had always relied on more natural pain relief, our society wouldn't have the opioid crisis we are dealing with today.

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