Talking Terpenes Without Getting Highly Technical

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Hello All Good Stemians!
It has been a while since my last post on Weed Cash Network. I've been busy researching and learning about terpenes! Let's look at what I found:

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Before ever trying CBD oil, I had ingested a few essential oil combinations (for pain management) with different degrees of success. While trying to learn about how essential oils work, I read a bit about terpenes. As I was trying to understand and learn more about CBD oil, I ran across so much more about terpenes!

Terpenes are secreted from the glands of plants. The terpenes are Mother Nature’s way of attracting pollinators, while repelling threats. The combinations of terpenes present in cannabis vary according to plant type and growing conditions.

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Terpenes are a hydrocarbon - a chemical, and chemicals react and bond with or repel other chemicals. So, terpenes can influence how cannabis affects and works in your body in a multitude of ways!

A thorough discussion of terpenes could be quite complicated! I am not a chemist or a biologist, so I really need to break all this down so I can understand it!


Right now, I’m very interested in the difference in taste of the CBD oils I’ve tried so far, and I want to get my hands on more of the minty tasting varieties, so I set out to learn how to go about doing that.

I quickly found out I’m not alone when it comes to my preference for the minty tasting strains of cannabis. provides a nice review of the Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain.

Due to popularity, there are now several mint and mint cookie hybrids that have cropped up, so to speak. I hope to get my hands on one or more – soon! describes five different mint-flavored strains in a very thorough manner:

  • Wonder Kid
  • Double Mint (GSC)
  • Peppermint Cookies
  • Arjan’s Ultra Haze
  • Thin Mint (GSC)

After reading about them,
I think I want to try them all!

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I also liked the buttery, creme-like taste of my first CBD oil, so I had a tad more searching to do. Come to find out, searching for cannabis according to taste preferences is definitely a thing! provides a nice summary of terpenes. Regardless of your preferred style of cannabis use, you will find their guide very helpful.

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What's Your Flavor?

There are terpenes that have a lemon or citrus flavor. There are spicy, peppery, woodsy, cheesy, and nutty tasting terpenes. And for those that can handle it, check out the diesel varieties!

As more consumers are buying cannabis products, and as new cannabis products continue to be developed, the rising interest in aroma and taste has resulted in more varieties from which to choose. offers a "taste wheel" infographic that helps identify which terpenes provide specific flavors. If you’re like me and want to isolate and understand your favorite cannabis flavors, check it out here.

Now I’m off to find seeds or clones so I can grow my own! I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

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Awesomeness! Happy to be connected with such great folks!

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Thank you for the educational post!🙏💗 I guess this is more about cannabis oil than a hemp-derived cbd oil, but I really like my cinnamon cbd oil.

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Cannabis and hemp are the same family. The only question is what level of cannabinoids are you looking for?

Yes, it’s hard for most people to think of them as the same plant family ( I think of them as cousins), because so many people treat them as separate plants, and the legislature treats them as different. Here in NC, farmers got the big thumbs up to grow hemp for rope and such, but I’m still not supposed to grow cannabis in my back yard! Meanwhile, lots of our young folks figured out they can smoke that hemp too! 😉

True, there are over 85 to choose from! Marijuana and hemp are in the cannabis family.

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Ooh! Cinnamon CBD oil sounds yummy! Do you purchase it that way, or make it yourself?

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I purchase it that way. I flavor my husbands natural cbd with tangerine though. I can message you.

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Marijuana is just the spanish word for cannabis.

As for the legislature they treat them the same as well when they want to make examples of peaceful victimless crimes.

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I love all the different terpenes that make up the smell of all the different strains. Amazing how many combinations of smells there are.

I am getting all my equipment ready to extract some terpenes soon. I can't wait to have some awesome OG terps and add them to some of our cannacrystals.

OG terpenes? Yes, me too. It is mind blowing what is already available naturally, and then what can be generated by selective growing!

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Right after I get my serperatory funnel I'm going to start extracting terps. Very excited about that

Definitely exciting, but still don’t know (for sure) what you mean by OG!

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Oh ok, OG strain is one that has a lot of pinene in it. Smells very fresh, yet pungent and ever-greenly.

Is it OG Kush, or one of the OG hybrids? 🤓. I’m such a nerd!

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It's a part if the og kush blood line yes. Has that green ogre smell