Kwik Ease 100 THC 🌲

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Happy Saturday my blockchain people, Chrono here I just came back from strain and picked up a couple of pre-rolls as usual considering today is Saturday going to hype it up today but I picked up a infused drink is pineapple express hybrid 100 mg of THC now I’m taking this much before it has been a while that I’ve taken 100 mg of THC even though I smoke every day so I think this is going to have little to no effect but I do enjoy that it’s kind of the express funny because I watched a little bit of that movie yesterday.

I am actually going to save this for tonight, Would make better sense to save it for tomorrow afternoon because I’m gonna go ahead and DoorDash the whole entire day so I can continue purchasing more Leo.



Do these drinks really have any effect?

doordash, what's that about ? :)

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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