Racketeering Lawsuit Against Oregon Cannabis Farm Moves Forward

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The Grapes Of Wrath

A lawsuit in federal court using the RICO Act moved forward in Oregon after many others have been thrown out.

Oregon is known for many things. Wine connoisseurs swear on Oregonian Pinot Noir. It’s no secret there has been hostile vibes between the wine industry and the cannabis industry.

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Old school cash croppers in the wine business don’t much like their new neighbors and have used every legal means to try to keep them out of their communities.

This lawsuit claims millions of dollars have been lost by a vineyard whose largest customer is refusing to buy the grapes because they may have “absorbed the skunk smell” of the cannabis farm next door.

Wow. RPP (rich people problems).

While this is the first federal case to make it this far, I’m afraid it’s just the beginning. RICO laws, are you kidding me? The federal government needs to get with the will of the majority of Americans and remove cannabis from the controlled substances list. A new Gallup poll shows 2 out of 3 Americans support legalization.

If our “representatives” refused to follow the will of the voters, and continue to allow their constituents lives and business to be destroyed by these outdated laws, they need to be promptly replaced.

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WTH! Thats crazy talk. Being a wine lover, and cannabis lover, wine and weed is a match made in heaven! Hell a local grape farmer where i live, who happens to own the one of Californians most famous vineyard plants weed all over his property. Check it out. Hes all about that pinot too, as am i. Willamette valley does make some good stuff, but i do like my local pinot, especially since its higher in alcohol. ;)

Just checked out the vineyard you linked. I love reading about this family and their dedication and passion for the land, nature and wine. These multi generational farming families and the products they lovingly produce are a bright light in the darkness of factory farms and corporate agriculture.

They sound like a wonderful family. I very much hope to see the evolution of cannabis farming look like this. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah I really love how the small mom and pops and still thrive in the wine business, which gives me hope for the cannabis industry. But every conisouser knows small batch is where it's at, beer, wine, and especially cannabis, ;)

@choosefreedom, So much is happening in this space and it's reflecting as Battle.

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"This lawsuit claims millions of dollars have been lost by a vineyard whose largest customer is refusing to buy the grapes because they may have “absorbed the skunk smell” of the cannabis farm next door."


So, pig farms, composting centers, and anywhere stinky, dirty children play are next? No just court is going to set this precedent. What a nightmare for farmers.


Well maybe i should boycott orgeon wines, ;)

Easy for you to say:)

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The entire market on the west coast has been flooded and it really hurts the little guy. Big farms are coming in and causing prices to bottom out and this allows a vacuum of even shittier growers to come in to fill the space. What we get as a result is a bunch of overpriced top shelf buds at the dispensaries and a bunch of garbage floating around on the black market that hasnt been tested or just doesnt live up to the standards that the clubs want.

There's so much money to be made in the cannabis industry that all the big companies want a piece of the pie. That's always bad for the small growers.
As for the black market, that's always been a crapshoot as to quality...


Hahaha "rich people problems" No Doubt, so rediculous @choosefreedom , what will they come up next!! lol! Love that first Pic, Wow, very Cool!! Upped and resteemed for Ya!👍❤🌱🌱🌱
🌱🍷Wine and Weed Are Perfectly Matched! This is Unbelievable!

Thank you 🙏 that is another edit of my Cherry Kush plant grow from seed here in Mexico.

Hey thanks for being the first person to buy CANNA tokens :)
I had some extra VP to burn so I gave you a 100% up-vote ( $ 0.42 / ~ 0.32 USD )

Wow thank you 🙏

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