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RE: WEED Miners Now Available!

in #weedcash2 years ago

So we can’t make direct trades from WEED to WEEDMM, or am I just not familiar enough with steem engine? It seems like I have to go through steem for trades. Is that correct?


You have to trade into steem first. Steem is the base currency, then you can purchase whatever is in the DEX.

Yeah, unfortunately not. I wish we could!

You are familiar it seems! Correct, unless I missed something too. I just went through that today with a little BTC, found out I need to buy STEEM pegged first. The spread was a little big so I am waiting for BTC to go up, and or STEEM to drop! I'm not in a rush. This looks like the way to go, I definitely will be getting some of these weed miner coins next. I wonder if I Should I sell some of this WEED from earnings, is more profitable that way? This is all news to me!!

Someone like you who knows how should make a bot to swap steem engine tokens without this necessity to go through steemmp.

I’m selling weed right now to get steemmp. It’s a low price but I want a miner