Garden Trash #14

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Hi Growers,
Another week has passed and it is Tuesday and with him photos for the Garden Trash series.

We're coming to an end.
AK47 orig., White widow and Sweet Skunk have a maximum of a week in front of them last few days.
Dewdrops on leaves and sticks begin to turn from translucent to caramel and this is the best time to harvest.

A little rainy weather did not affect the flowers much and I have found only three fungi.

This AK47 Lemond still has at least 14 days before it, but it does not matter because from 14 October to be quite sunny.
He still has 7-10 days in the Sweet Cheese greenhouse.

I am already afraid of cutting - if someone really wanted to visit Czech Rep. can get in touch and help with cutting for a while - something on the road will surely get for the performance;)

So enjoy the photos because I will not send the scent.

AK47 orig left and AK47 Lemond right
foto 1.10.

AK47 Lemond
foto 8.10.

White Widow

foto 8.10.

Sweet Cheese in greenhouse
foto 8.10.

Sweet Skunk
foto 8.10.

Thank you for watching and see you next time.

For comparison you can open in another window article from

1.10. -

24.9. -

17.9. -

10.9. -

3.9. -

27.8. -

20.8. -

13.8. -

7.8.- ,

31.7. - ,

22.7 or 10.7 -
and compare photos.

Or check out my other posts here -

Steem -

I would like to say that in the Czech Republic it is allowed to grow 5 cannabis plants (but not their harvest). Therefore, do not take this blog as a guide to the production of THC :-)

Thank you for the coments and possibly a little donate for a new technique for taking pictures.
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Welcome to Steem/Smoke. I always love to see new growers pop up in here. You say you are from the Czech Republic? That is where my linage lies (at least in my adopted family). My name is Czech...although my gma always said Polish, but you know why, haha. Much love. Are you all organic with your grows? Looking good.

Damn bro, they look hella nice! I bet you can't wait till harvest!! I got 26 days left until my ladies are ready but I can't plant them in the ground because our weather is to unpredictable so they are outside/greenhouse/indoor grown LoL.. Its sometimes seems like more trouble than just buying it, but there is nothing like smoking your own stuff.. ;)

Oh yeah man thats the truth. Especially with how cheap weed is these days. But growing your own is the best route if one is able. ALso lets see some posts of your plants bro! Use the canna-curate tag and ill hit you with some canna love, ;)

Thanks friend, I appreciate the offer. I use to post some grow stuff when I first got on steemit a few years ago but I have been growing for 15 years now so I just don't feel the need to post about it anymore.. Although if you watch my dtube videos sometimes they make an appearance. But to be honest, its not exactly legal where I live now (cuz I moved recently) so I like to keep it on the Down Low as much as possible ;) Better to be safe than sorry..

I fell you. But i will make sure to check out a video.

Here a few photos i just snapped for another friend.. 😉

Nic3 man! Are you in the canna discord? If not here is an invite

I am now 😉 thanks for the invite..

Hit me up on discord and I will show u some more pics of my current grow.. moderndayhippie#6053

is it true :-)

OH hell yes! Im on my way to the Chezc republic now.

it is still soon - first 5-7 days before I start cutting, which is not allowed with us :-)

Very nice work my friend. SO how long have you been growing for?

they were planted in the country on 24 April and went into bloom sometime in the middle of August

Cool! But i meant how long in your life have you been growing?

:-) So about 5 years