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Could be a nut problem. I haven't been feeding the plants anything I wanted to see what they can do with just the basic water and light. This is suppose to be a 70-75 day plant but I'm going to let her go for about 80 days. Pretty short about one foot tall and small buds but it is a cbd plant. I wasn't expecting much. According to the breeder she's supposed to be about 1-1 1/2 feet tall. Even if its a nute problem I'm still loving the fall colors

But her sister is doing pretty amazing. Already in flower and no signs of real problems or stunt growth. I don't plan on growing this plant again but I think it would've been a great grow with some LST. The clover crop is even doing amazing.

The two Og Kush autos are doing pretty good so far. Both seeds were popped at the same time. One is growing a lot faster than the other. I'm doing the same with these just water. I want to see how they do. I love OG Kush and will be growing these again forsure.

The new seedlings didn't survive and the new Dark Devil I popped doesn't look like its going to survive either. I was looking forward to see the purple come through in tent. But all I can do now is move and keep trying. Still have other updates to come such as the dreadlock journey and just got a motorcycle for the first time ever. Looking forward to that journey too.


Damn that seemed fast! lol What kind of water do you use? And what is the RH%?

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Just tap for now. The ph was high at 8 so I had to ph it. The rh is in between 40 and 50 now that I have an ac in the room.

Love the look of the clovers in there with the plant. Hopefully you get a decent haul from it

Thank you. Same here lol