Need Some advice from the Great Weed Network

in weedcash •  2 months ago 

Is she close to harvest time?
Any advice would be appreciated.
Im still giving her little drinks of water.
But as you can see most if the big leaves have gone. And the last if the medium leaves are yellow.

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Do you have anything like a jewelers loop? If you can get a close look at the trichomes, you can tell the ripeness.

  • clear trichomes- Not ripe, but the buzz is more of a heady, speedy high
  • Milky white trichomes- Ripe, peak THC
  • After you let it go a little longer, the milky white trichomes will turn an amber color. The THC drops, and the cannabaniod CBN will go up, producing more of a sleepy buzz. So you can let the trichomes go to a certain % of amber to milky white trichomes.

So if you go by that guide, you can pick the buds to your preference. Me personally I like to pick at peak THC, with just 10% of trichomes turned amber.

Thanks for the advise Buddy.
I think I got it just right. Maybe a few more amber than I wanted. But we will see. She us drying now. Update coming soon 😎😎

Hi @andyjem

I could only help you to consume those goodies :)

You would be more than welcome Piotr. She was grown with Love and to give pleasure. 😁😁

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Way to go Andy she looks DELIGHTFUL!!

Thanks Lyndsay 😁 Gota be ready soon. I will be sad to see her go. But will remember her with a smoke lol

Already ripe, girl.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Time to harvest do you think?😁

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Looks great. I think you can wait a little longer. Still a lot of new (white) hairs. It’s still filling out and ripening.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Thanks my friend. I want to get this right. As it is my first grow.😁

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