WEED EOS Added to Steem Engine Deposits and Withdraws. Now you can withdraw WEEDCASH as EOStokens and soon sell them on Newdex by Christmas

in weedcash •  7 months ago 

Now you can withdraw WEED as EOS tokens on steem-engine.com with the click of a button!

Weedcash EOS token

Weedcash will soon be added to LYNX and Token pocket

Now I have WEED on my Scatter. You have to whitelist the token and add it for it to show up like this (ill do seperate post)

Heres the post about it: https://weedcash.network/weedcash/@ackza/how-to-add-weedcash-eos-token-to-scatter-wallet-in-3-simple-steps

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