How to add WEEDCASH EOS token to Scatter Wallet in 3 simple steps.

in weedcash •  7 months ago  (edited)

Just kidding its only one step! You just add the contract info to the settings > tokens like this:

Just click Settings , then Tokens, then under the "Add Token" tab just leave Blockchain and Network alone as EOSIO and EOS Main net, just type WEEDCASH under token name, and weedcashntwk under contract. WEED for symbol, 8 for decimals. and click "Whitelist Token" and thats it! Now it will show up under 'assets" ... just type in "WEED" and it will now show up!

Your WEEDCASH EOS balance for WEED will always show up here on under this token

and this account:

Join the WEEDCASH Network telegram here and soon get WEED EOS tipped over the chat for joining and posting weedcash memes!

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LOL wut?

So much going on it's hard to keep up man. You guys are like lightyears ahead of the crowd when it comes to these kinds of ideas, nobody knows what the hell is going on anymore.