Lolly-popping my Scrog.

in weedcash •  7 months ago 

Every year I lollypop my plants. Lollypopping is common among scrog growers. Scrog means i grow with a fence horizontally {above}. Lollypopping means pulling all the leaves off the stems that are under the fence {below}.
Im really glad i cleaned up the bottoms of the stems today. there were yellow leaves and dead leaves sitting on the fence. These two things will attract tiny bugs that eat leaves. Also my plants leaves are sagging so taking off some leaves might help.

Im also going to add honey today. Plants need sugars to form correctly and people often add Honey or molasses during pre flowering and even veg.

I might have over water because the soil is still wet. Im going to lay off watering for a few days.

Overall the plant is looking great! A little plant food and overall love aqnd the leaves should perk up. Stay tuned because this giant is flowering soon.

Peace. 420 :joy: :smoking:

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Healthy bush.

That plant is looking really good!
I started trimming off the big leaves on my 2 big plants today. They're both flowering now.