What Are Weed Concentrates?

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What are weed concentrates? This question has been trending more and more as we go deeper into the cannabis industry. Today we will take a look at the definition, benefits, methods, and types of cannabinoids or weed concentrate and the logic behind it all.

Any weed enthusiast could have told you that the topic of weed concentrates has gained a lot of traction and attention as of late, even more so with recent changes in legislation. As well as big pharmaceutical giants that are all on the prowl for medical grade active ingredients, it is easy to understand why. This raises the question of ‘what are weed concentrates?’ and why I would consider consuming weed concentrates as opposed to good old bud straight from the tree.

What are weed concentrates exactly?

Weed concentrates refer to certain chemical compounds, known as cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are present in the cannabis plant. Weed actually contains more than 110 different types of cannabinoids, the two who receive the most attention are THC (TetraHydroCannabinol) and CBD (CannaBiDiol), because of their extremely valuable medicinal properties. The extract itself could either contain these compounds in a combination of both THC and CBD in a certain ratio, or the extract could consist of pure CBD or pure THC.

The point of extracting these compounds is to alleviate the user of digesting other unwanted or ‘unnecessary’ compounds such as normal plant materials, which may become hazardous, especially if you are planning on burning and smoking it in your pipe or in a joint.

In a nutshell, weed concentrates are concentrated forms of the stuff, inside of cannabis plants, that makes us high or cures us of certain illnesses.

So now that we know what weed concentrates are, let us look a bit closer into some of the more common forms in which you can purchase weed concentrates in the market today.


Probably one of the oldest and most ancient forms of weed concentrates is hashish, a sticky type of putty made up of cannabis resin with a blackish appearance on the outside and a dark green color when you crack it open. Presumably descended out of India, hashish (or hash) consists of very little plant material and a combination of CBD and THC. The ratio of which is dependent on the strain of marijuana used. It is traditionally made by rubbing your hands clean of the resin

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