Grow Diaries - Chapter 2

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Got some goodies in the mail today


@jonyoudyer gave me a link for a really good insecticide. It was a free sample that came with a cool pin and sticker. I don't think I will have a bug problem with my grow since it is indoors, but it is always better to be prepared and have it if I need it.

I have been talking with my wife about moving and if we are able to move, I am hoping to increase the size of my whole grow operation and possibly even do an outdoor grow as well.


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I also ordered a bunch of these little humidity and temp gauges. These are the perfect size to throw in your jar when you are curing your weed after harvest. My buddy has about 16 plants that will be ready for harvest soon, so I wanted to get some of these cause I am going to be helping with the curing process.


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I got some of these pruning shears as well because we will have quite a bit of trimming to do soon with those 16 plants. He is doing a hydroponic grow and these plants are growing like crazy. They are about 5 feet tall and look awesome. They have begun flowering and in a week or so I will have to go there and get some shots of them. I can't imagine how awesome that room smells too because whenever I stick my head in my tent to check on my 4 plants, it smells amazing, so 16 flowering plants should smell so much better.


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I have been learning a lot with this grow, like next time, I am going to put more soil in the containers so that the plants don't have a set of leaves that touch the side. In a few weeks, I am going to be setting up my canopy so that the leaves are spread out evenly and getting light on all of them. My plant is pretty short, but I guess that is normal with autoflowers, so I guess it won't need too much spreading out cause the branches shouldn't be super long.

It is crazy how fast cannabis grows. My big plant should start flowering in a few weeks and I can't wait to see the buds come in. This is definitely a pretty fun "hobby" to get into and I can't wait to grow a bunch of different strains. I ordered three more strains a couple days ago. I got Blueberry, Bubblegum, and Critical Purple. Once I begin drying these plants I have growing, I can get some seeds germinating from the next batch I ordered. I can't wait.


looking good, I think them humidity gages would be good to cut a hole in a mason jar lid and seal them maybe

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Hell yeah! Doctor Zymes is great! Best pest control is prevention!

Oh man you should have just told me...


Excellent humidity gages.

And diatomaceous earth usually solves the majority of insect issues.

Good job man. They are growing.

With words ,,garden naked'' I would expect an image of some sexy girl in the garden. If it was not a free sample I would demand a refund...

But in this case that insecticide design actually looks cool as well.

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