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RE: EOS WEED Listing on | Airdrops | TipitBot | WeedCash DAC

in #weed2 years ago (edited)

Well the top 500 are the most important anyway :D ALL the Parsl SEED holders that matter got the weedcash token and it worked :D saw people asking about weedcash in the @everythingeos chat

@ratzen and I are close to adding scatter buttons to nitrous wallet page or nitrous login page sou can have some side by side steemeos action. also @steempeak looking into eosio so bought a domain

I need @zaxan to make me a mockup of a Telos Version of website i plan to have with telos login buttons like has etc

ALSO i will have weedcash on telos and trading on newdex soon too soon no extra costs , Hopefully :D it should be soon along with golos and data token