Explaining Unemployment: Frictional And Structural Unemployment... :D

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-The natural rate comes from many factors in an economy. Lack in your skills, discrimination, structural unemployment (Wage set above market clearing!) and government policies can help or hurt. Unintended consequences; structural unemployment has a worker relocation and retraining programs. This can reduce the unemployment rate; reduce the level of frictional unemployment. Better match where you are more efficient and more productive; business crycles. Unemployment insurance can help resolve problems before they spread. My degree may pay out at the end of the day; but I just need to make sure that I am an expert in my field. Business cycles make people lose jobs!

-Firms do not invest in Europe because of the failed welfare state model they follow; also because of mass immigration (((W H I T E G E N O C I D E))).

-Tasas de desempleo bajando; el desempleo en Europa es brutal. Tengo bien el I-Clicker; las universidades y los "impuestos"/robos son horribles.

-Minimun wages= Government mandated floor on the price of labor. If the minimun wage were set above the equilibrium wage it would lead to a persistant surplus in the job market. Increase in unemployment.

-WeedCash is a great place to try basic economic principles; we just need new users and to share links in PocketNet. SteemIt needs advertisements! SteemIt is an oligarchy from the Marxist-Leninist (=150,000,000 DEAD!) perspective; as I can never make any money here while only a few users concentrate most of the rewards from the cryptocurrency pool. LBRY, Minds, Yours.Org, Pocketnet.app , flote.app and others like bitchute.com may pay better!

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