Mycelial Storage - Syringes, Cold-Storing and other Methods (P4/4 of a Two-Blog Series)

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Syringes, Freeze-Storing, Culturing, and Shelf-Life - A Final Examination

Spore/Inoculated Dishes and Spore Syringes - Cold Storage:

To be completed upon development of,

  • a liquid colony that is both fully cultured and contaminant free in a stored mason jar to be sealed and/or cold-stored,

  • a directly flame-sterilized injection syringe inoculation of a new spore dish [via utilization of a liquid culture and its’ associated spores], or a dish that be colonized fully; to be sealed and cold-stored, or,

– This colonized dish (possibly also from injection via liquid culture and withdraw with 1/10/100cc injection syringe) to be cold-stored, ensuring proper technique for parafilm wrapping is utilized for dishes;

Depending on the medium of storage; syringes and dishes are to be stored in a plastic bag, and jars with tape sealing the injection hole, stored in a cold dark place. For short-term storage.

  • For longer, a plastic container should be sanitized and sterilized, as per guidelined laid out earlier, and petri dishes placed individually into plastic ziploc bags, and wrapped into this container. See below, dishes prepared to be cold-stored.


  • The container is to be stored in a crisper, cooler temperature (vegetable crisper, for example) and the jars, post-wrapping, can be stored the same, sometimes able to last years with the mycelium growth halted.

  • It is often common practice to maintain a liquid culture in a commonly shook jar for its' 6 months of efficacy only then transfer to anew not soon after - so it is advisable to follow this to save your growth!

Furthermore, although methodology to acquire these forms of storage may be long, storage time of up to two years allows a large variety and ease of use whenever desired. Worthwhile!


While both techniques have benefits, determinate time versus actual speed; overall effectiveness versus exterior factors affecting; ease of methodology versus difficulty of practice, etc., it should be noted that contamination is always a key environmental factor, and that sterilization is very important to exhibit during early stages of growth whenever your developed colony is exposed to open air.

Once colonization gets to a certain point, it becomes evident that a once small spore, now a living and breathing element, will continue to grow and adapt to conditions, and be difficult to stop, like one would see in the environment where the certain mycelium are naturally found.

See below, a properly wedged and colonized dish, and or some to be cold stored;



And above, the result of our next few months work - We'll get here!

Upon sterile inoculation, there will begin to be evident signs of this growth within 7-14 days, - contamination, even earlier – and full colonization of this substrate within 2-3 weeks following.

From this point, liquid spore can be withdrawn from the honey-culture liquid and freeze-stored in a sealed ziploc bag in a crisper, similar to above.

Life! Exciting!

Concluding, this ultimately is the halfway portion of my tri-section grouped blogging series on psilocybin and mycelium.

This section concludes day 1 of 2, part 4/4 of my blogging series. Initially, this may be a good introductory reading to those interested in mental health relatability: https://ecency.comhive-125125/@trezzahn/a-cross-examination-of-the

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Thanks again all for your interest!

Best regards,

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