Bringing Awareness To Social Media Shyness

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Social media shyness ties into a lot of parts of life.
And if leveraged, you can become more self aware.


Because we aren't born shy.
Something in our lives made us that way.
The trick is to find out why we adopted this behavior.

Although this seems like a gloomy journey.
It's quite the opposite.

By bringing awareness into SEARCHING for why we are social media shy,
we give our volatile mind direction.
And with that direction,
we are able to speed up our journey to enhancing awareness.

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A lot of people have low awareness,
because they aren't searching for anything. And that causes chaos in thoughts.
With direction (any kind of direction) you learn how the mind was meant to be used.

By trying to spot which moment/s made you shy,
you end up building self awareness & making peace with your past.

With that added self awareness,
you'll have more clarity.
Clarity makes it much easier to melt away the tension when you take purposeful action.

My journey was like that.
The journey towards asking why I was social media shy in my early life led into the journey of getting into pubic/personal blogging on #hive & starting the 420 countdown brand on #weedcash

In my next blog posts I will be breaking down this journey.

In the meantime you can see my previous #weedcash post by clicking on the link below:

272 days until 4/20

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