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Someday I'll have arthritis and I'll think back to all those times when I was younger and had the ability to break weed by hand but I used a grinder anyway.

Go Go Gadget Grinder.

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I'm stoned.
I don't feel bad about it.
And I'm not sorry.

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You can be this high.
All you have to do is go back in time 5 hours and start rolling & licking then.

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With all the high thoughts though;

I accept regular #Hive-Engine token tips.
It doesn't matter the token or amount.
Your tips are accepted gracefully & delightfully by this crypto-collector.

I am an all time Weedcash Networker never the less active with tribe token curation ✔️
Some of the tokens I highly curate content from regularly are:
#neoxian #palnet #build-it #creativecoin #lassecash #ctp #LIST #aeneas & #lotus or in other words #naturalmedicine

What's your tribes?
I ❤️ sharing my upvotes.

It's your friendly weedcash community networker 🔥🍁😎💨



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looks like a reg grinder?


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What do you mean by reg?

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must have been the smoke 😭😭i read it again and it had another meaning

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